1.6 Education

1.6 Education

  • Children's Well-Being
  • Population's Level of Education Aged 16-70
  • On Index

Children's Well-Being

1.6 a. Grammar School Children's Well-Being in the Central Area Compared to the North and All of Iceland

This graph shows how children in grammar schools in the central area feel during school hours in comparison to the northeast and the whole country. 

In the data for 2018 there is no information from Stórustjarnaskól, which is one of four schools in the monitoring area.

Original data and processing

Population's Level of Education Aged 16-70

1.6 b. Population's Level of Education Aged 16-70

Information on the level of education for adults will be published here. The data comes from research Health and well-being conducted by the direactorat of health.

Information on level of education is now obtained from the research Health and well-being of Icelanders. The research is carried otu over a five-year term by the Directorate of Health. 

On Index

Primary school student's well-being indicates the situation within, the quality and development of the schools.

The population's level of education indicates how and whether the population can meet the needs of the job market.

In the index information on the well-being of students, the percentage of students that feel good or very good in school will be published.  Information on how many people have primary education, vocational education, secondary education and university education according to ISCED, an international classification, will be published. 


Data will be published on the well-being of primary school students every four years. Data on the educational level of the population will be published every three years. 


Data from the central area and the whole country will be compared.


The project manager is responsible for acquiring the data and publishing it according to the publishing schedule.

Source Material

Data will be collected from Statistics Iceland and from the results of an HSBC survey on primary school student's well-being conducted by the University of Akureyri.