2.2 Acoustics

2.2 Acoustics

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Hávaði frá starfsleyfisskyldri starfsemi

2.2 a. Jafngildishljóðstig við Þeistareyki

Measurements at an equivalent noise level at the Þeistareykir power plant have been made with meters located at the plant´s site since 2014.

Measurements at the equivalent noise level have three times exceeded the set guideline values for industrial areas of 70dB, in February 2017,  in May 2018, and in July 2020.

NOTE that the values that receive 0 weren't measured. F.ex. measurements first began in May 2014 and therefore there are no data for January to April 2014.

Original data and processing below also apply to figure 2.2 b. 

Original data and processing

Noise from Operation Subject to an Environmental Licence

2.2 a. Equivalent Sound Level at Bakki

Two measurements have been carried out at an equivalent sound level at the PCC Bakki Silicon factory and in its vicinity.

Measurements made in 2017 are  background measurements, made before the building of the plant. In 2019, measurements were made again. Due to weather, it was not possible to carry out measurements at Héðinshöfði and therefore there is no information on the equivalent sound levels. The next measurements are planned in 2023 and this is in accordance with the factory's operating license.

Equilibrium noise measurements in 2019 never exceeded the 70dB limit for industrial areas.

On Index


Noise can affect people's health and condition extensively. Constant noise can negatively affect residents in the long run and therefore it needs to be ensured that noise does not decrease the habitability of the area. 

In this index, information on equivalence noise level of Bakki, Þeistareykir, Krafla and Bjarnarflag will be published. The set guideline for equivalence noise level for industrial areas is 70 dB. 

On the set guidelines for noise level regulation no. 724/2008 is taken into account as well as the environmental impact assessment for PCC BakkiSilicon and Þeistareykir power plant along with the supervision schedule and licence for Þeistareykir power plant. According to Þeistareykir power plant licence, exceptions can occur temporarily for development, drilling and blowing. 


At least yearly. Measurements will be done in Þeistareykir at least 4 times per year.


Central area: Bakki, Þeistareykir, Krafla and Bjarnarflag.


The project manager is responsible for acquiring the data and publishing it according to the publishing schedule.

Source Material

Data will be collected from Landsvirkjun and PCC BakkiSilicon.