Useful Links

Useful Links

Brundtland report: Our Common Future -The concept of sustainable development is first introduced in the UN report on environment and development published in 1987.

Agenda 21 - Many heads of states attended The Earth Summit in Rio in 1992. The theme of the convention was "The Environment and Sustainable Development". In Agenda 21 a plan was put forth on environmental protection and sustainable development. Many nations committed to honour those milestones made in Agenda 21.  

Rio + 20 - the UN goals set forth in a United Nations conference on sustainable development.

The future we want - an agreement of member states of the UN on sustainable development.

Sustainable Development: Linking economy, society, environment - an OECD report on sustainable development.

The Lazy Person's guide to saving the world - Simple things that can be changed at home to contribute to sustainable development.

Towards a Green Economy - a UN report on green economy.

A UN committee on sustainable development.

Velferð til framtíðar – Iceland‘s policy on sustainable development (Icelandic).

Welfare for the future – Iceland‘s policy on sustainable development (English).

OECD - Plan of implementation of the UN goals.