Rental prices increase by 12% between years


Rental prices increase by 12% between years

Now the data for indicator 3.6 - rental price trends have been updated. At Gaumur's level, that trend is monitored by looking at the average price per square meter in registered leases every year. Data on rental prices for Húsavík are only published, as there are too few rental agreements in other areas within the Central Area for the data to be significant.

The average square meter price will increase between 2021 and 2022 from ISK 1,541/m2 to ISK 1,729/m2. The increase amounts to ISK 188/m2 or 12%.

If compared to the average price, the monthly rent for a three-room apartment with a size of 90 m2 would have been ISK 138,690 on average. in the year 2021 but 155,610 ISK. in the year 2022.
The rental price of a detached house with 4-5 rooms and 175 m2 in size would have been ISK 269,675 on average. in 2021 but ISK 302,575 in the year 2022.

Note that these are not real examples, but only calculated examples to show the development of rental prices.

You can view the index and rental price trends here.